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Piña Vineyard Management Mission Statement

Piña Vineyard Management is a full service vineyard management company that also provides customer services for the viticulture industry. While vineyard management is our primary focus, we also engage in vineyard development activities. This allows us to have all the specialized equipment available for our managed clients. This also allows us to better manage the seasonal demand for labor by keeping crew busy at off season times.

While the partners are all familiar with each property, one partner is the primary contact for each property and responsible for carrying out the farm plan. Each property has a foreman assigned to the property and is responsible for all work and activities done on the property. Each foreman has his own crew that works on the property the majority of the time. When more labor is needed for time sensitive activities we supplement with labor from another foreman's crew.

Communication is the key to effective management. In addition to daily conversations, we have weekly meetings with our staff. At these weekly meetings we look at each vineyard to better plan equipment and labor demands for the next week.

Our viticulture staff is made up of knowledgeable individuals with years of experience. We have viticulturists, licensed pest control specialists and technicians that handle irrigation design and installation, mapping, budgets, farm plans and gathering and processing information. In our goal to be well informed on all issues concerning premium grape growing, we encourage our staff to continue their education by taking classes that pertains to their specialty.

Each vineyard plan is custom made so we can take advantage of its assets and minimize problems. This plan makes sure the vineyard is economically viable for all.

Piña is a registered Organic farming company. We are able to farm in any manner necessary to get the results desired by the one yard owner.